Crackling Sound disappeared from Google Search

by Bruno Brozović

The big Google Core March 2024 update has finished. You will think it would be logical for a website like Cracking Sound to go up in Google Search.

But no, my website tanked down lower than ever before. This is my traffic from September 2023 (the time of the big Google HCU Core update). You can see an additional traffic drop in March:
March Core update 2024 - Traffic tanked down

I used to have a lot of featured snippets and keywords in the top 10 positions. Right now the situation is like this in the audio review niche:

Google SERP after March Core updateI used to have a featured snippet for the keyword “nagaoka mp-200 review”. Right now I am in the 22nd place. With other keywords that weren’t in featured snippets but in the top 10 results it is even worse now: I dropped below 40th, sometimes even below 50th place.

Google claims that EEAT is something we all need to tend. E-E-A-T is a Google acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google is looking for content that clearly demonstrates a degree of experience relating to the product, information, or service being promoted.

How is possible that some random Reddit user knows more about some turntable cartridge than I do? I dedicated more than 20 years to this hobby and I consider myself an expert in this field. I try to make my experience visible in the texts I write.

But Google decided that all content on my website is crap and pushed it down where no one can see it.

Here is how it looks on Bing for the other keyword I used to have featured snippet in Google (right now I am at 18th place in Google for that keyword – pioneer pl-30 review):

Position in BIngHere is how SERP needs to look. SERP in Google looked similar to this a few months ago. But right now in the top 10 results are Reddit, Quora, huge websites with very high DA and audio forums.

If I write my review texts in a way to gives you all the information you may need: specifications, images, manual, make a sound test each time, pros & cons, video review, etc. in which universe that is not EEAT?

So, you can completely forget about EEAT since, obviously, that is completely irrelevant. So, how to get to the first place in Google? Well, the answer is pretty simple (and sarcastic) :

  1. Find a big amount of money – 5 figures
  2. Buy yourself a lot of guest posts with backlinks to your website on websites with huge DA
  3. Build a forum

Hopefully, this will get you to the top positions since right now, according to Google’s top results, websites in the top 10 are huge websites with a high DA and forums. So, if you combine those two you will get to the top.

But, don’t forget who are we dealing with – this is Google and Google always highlights something and says that this is what is important (like EEAT, for example) and at the same time serves something opposite in the search results.

In the end, here is a link w to the questionnaire where you can write are you satisfied with the March Core update:

How to continue? I will continue to write about turntables, speakers, headphones etc. because of my faithful readers.

Enjoy my reviews although they are much harder to find now.

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