Dynaudio Emit 10 Review

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After quite some time I decided to do another speaker review in a new Dynaudio Emit 10 Review.

As models positioned at the lower end of the range, the Dynaudio Emit 10 bookshelf speakers embody Dynaudio’s vision of boxes designed to provide an affordable and at the same time high-quality entry into the world of true hi-fi sound. As we previously tested larger models from this series, we know that the Scandinavian factory did not leave anything to chance even in this class, but that the components, as well as the overall design of the boxes, were carefully thought out and to a large extent inspired by solutions from higher categories and more expensive models.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Review

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Dynaudio Emit 10 Specifications

  • Sensitivity: 85dB (2.83V/1m)
  • IEC power handling: 150 watt
  • Impedance: 6 Ω
  • Frequency response (± 3 dB): 64Hz – 25kHz (-6 dB 52 Hz – 35 kHz)
  • Box principle: Bass reflex rear double flared port
  • Crossover: 2-way
  • Crossover frequency: 3700 Hz
  • Recommended amplifier power: up to 150 W
  • Crossover topology: 1ST order tweeter / 2nd order woofer
  • Midrange / Woofer: 14cm MSP cone
  • Tweeter: Cerotar soft dome with Hexis
  • Weight: 6.43kg / 14.2 lb
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 X 290 X 271,5 mm/6.7 X 11.4 X 10.7 in
  • Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D): 170 X 290 X 284,5 mm/6.7 X 11.4 X 11.2 in

You can download the manual here->Dynaudio Emit 10 Manual

Dynaudio Emit 10 Review – Construction

In terms of design, the Emit 10 are typical Dynaudio boxes for the modern era. The accentuated front panel, for which this manufacturer has been known for decades, is still visually distinguished. Still, it has received much softer lines – instead of sharply cut edges, there are now gentle curves on the upper and lower edges. In addition, the front is visually distinguished by satin black paint, while the rest of the cabinet is finished in walnut. Although this combination represents a pure classic with which you cannot go wrong, Dynaudio has completed the offer with a black-and-white version, and the front panel of the latter is also made in white. Whichever finish you choose, the fact is that the new Emit series is a significant step forward compared to its predecessors, so it looks more contemporary and refined, with a typically Scandinavian minimalist appearance.

As two-system topology bookshelf speakers, the Emit 10 on the front panel contains a setup of two speaker units. In the upper part, there is a tweeter unit called Cerotar, which is directly taken from the higher Evoke series, with the application of solutions from far more expensive Esotar tweeters.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Review - Cerotar Tweeter

Dynaudio Emit 10 Cerotar Tweeter
© Dynaudio

Inside the large frame, there is a 28 mm calotte membrane, the textile surface of which is additionally treated with means that the manufacturer does not want to reveal. Under the membrane, there is another internal dome called Hexis, which serves to optimize the airflow, which results in improved frequency response and reduced resonance. A ferrite-ceramic magnet is responsible for starting, which, according to the factory, provides greater sensitivity, a clearer display, and better dynamics.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Review - Woofer

Dynaudio Emit 10 mid-bass unit with MSP membrane
© Dynaudio

The second part of the set-up consists of a mid-bass unit that also originates from the more expensive Evoke series, as it was created on the basis of Esotec+ drivers. This MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) membrane has a diameter of 140 millimeters and is characterized by the absence of the classic cover in the center – now it is an integral part of the membrane, which increases the total useful surface. The motor is made of a double ferrite magnet, while the coil with a diameter of 38 millimeters is made of aluminum coils, which are coated with a copper surface layer. The designer states that this type of assembly enables better control of the flux and, in the end, has a positive effect on the precision of the membrane movement.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Review - Back side view

Dynaudio Emit 10 back side view – we can see a pair of golden-plated terminals and a label

The very modest surface of the back side is almost entirely filled. In the upper part, there is a medium-sized bass-reflex opening, which contains two extensions and additional cuts to reduce swirling and unwanted humming of the port, while in the lower part, on a large sunken panel, there is a pair of terminals. The speaker terminals are the same as in the larger models in the series, which means a gold-plated metal base and transparent plastic plating, and the lack of space on the back side is evidenced by a label with basic information about the speaker, which is placed inside this panel.

Dynaudio Emit 10 inside view

Dynaudio Emit 10 – View from the inside

Behind the terminal, there is a hybrid crossover, with a set of the first row for the tweeter and the second row for the mid-bass, with a cutoff frequency of 3.7 kilohertz. Of the important information, it should also be mentioned that the cabinet is made of 18 mm thick MDF, with precisely measured and installed insulating material inside.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Review – Sound Test

Although looking at their dimensions, one might think that the Emit 10 are intended for listening from a short distance or for the desktop speaker position, the sound that comes out of them is far bigger than the modest dimensions suggest. The room where the test took place, measuring 20 square meters, was completely filled with music, and Emit 10 afforded us a relatively spacious stage. The soundstage is perfectly recreated in width and presents us with a clear setup of the musicians in the space, especially in recordings with a smaller number of instruments, and the pronounced stereo effect is complemented by positioning in depth, which is very good for speakers of this size and price class. During orchestra performances, they can lose some of the macro dynamics and clear separation of each individual instrument, but the tested speakers make up for it with focus and agility, so rapid volume changes are reproduced very convincingly.

Dynaudio has apparently built diaphragms that are capable of very quick start and stop, which adds to the overall precision of the presentation. To make things even better, the Emit 10 are quite undemanding in terms of positioning and can tolerate a distance of fewer than 30 centimeters from the back wall, which makes them very practical and grateful for a smaller space.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Review


Demanding amplification is a category that the Danish manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to in recent years, so the new models are far from their predecessors in this regard. If you connect the Emit 10 to a well-made amplifier of average power, it will repay you with a well-defined and neutral sound, as well as a solid bass. Although low tones are usually the biggest weakness of small speakers, the Emit 10 in this regard provide more than is expected from them – the bass is still present in the reproduction, with a solid presentation and a mass that far exceeds the dimensions of these boxes. The laws of physics cannot be changed, so in this part of the spectrum, the emphasis is on the upper bass, which is extremely fast and precise, and abounds in fine details.

However, the ability of the tested speakers to form an apparently complete sound image, without trying to reproduce what they cannot stand out as the most important feature in this segment. In other words, during listening, you will not have the impression that anything is missing, nor will the lower end be ruined by attempts to reproduce the deepest bass, with all the negative effects that would produce.

On the other hand, the Emit 10 really excels in the midrange and treble representation. The precision with which these speakers reproduce every tone is combined with a neutral display free of coloration, which gives the end result in the impression of exceptional, almost unreal lightness with which each material is presented. Although they have a grain of warmth, just enough to make the reproduction more pleasant and the sound to move away from the brutally unforgiving studio monitors, these small speakers will show you all the shortcomings of bad production without difficulty and without hesitation. If you are looking for speakers that are always more or less tame and difficult to please, the Emit 10 bring sobriety and their performance will clearly show you the differences in the quality of the recordings, with the absence of any attempt to flatter the audience. Even in this, most affordable price range, Dynaudio speakers will tell you only the truth. Precisely because of this feature, the Emit 10, despite its small dimensions, is very capable of showing differences in the quality and sound signature of the rest of the system, whether it’s amplifiers or other sources.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Video Review

Final Verdict

Even in the lowest class, Dynaudio’s search for truth in reproduction does not stop. The Emit 10 is characterized by a precise and neutral sound, which is complemented by a solid bass and uncompromising in the clear and authentic representation of every musical direction. If you are looking for small boxes that are capable of presenting music in its original form, without special coloring and beautification, and at the same time are affordable, Dynaudio Emit 10 is a great choice.

Dynaudio Emit 10 Pro & Cons


  • Modern and discreet design
  • Proven solutions
  • Neutral and precise sound
  • Undemanding in terms of system and space


  • In absolute terms, shallow bass
Very precise and neutral sound with solid bass and clear and authentic representation of every music genre.
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