Bruno Brozović

My name is Bruno and I live in Croatia. I am an audio enthusiast and self-builder.

My first contact with audio and records was when I was about 4 years old. My father has an old record player and he used to play records for us on that.
It wasn’t any hi-fi record player, just an ordinary wooden box.


Anyway, I was fascinated with that sound. In my teenage years, I got something more serious to listen to my records.

For me, there is no better sound than a good LP album or a 45 single. I am no fan of CDs, MP3s, and all of that modern crap. But, from time to time I run into something worth mentioning and you can read about that in my reviews sections.

In my spare time, I play the guitar, love to watch a good movie, hang out with my friends, make some audio projects, etc…

I hope my website will help you to find some useful information that cannot be found anywhere else.