ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Review

by Bruno Brozovic

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf speakers deliver detailed, textured sound with impressive bass depth and a vivid soundstage, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking high-quality audio performance. They also feature an elegant design and substantial build, enhancing their overall appeal.


Although they originated from the basic Uni-Fi UB52 model, the bookshelf representatives of the new Uni-Fi Reference series bring clear differences and improvements at first glance.

In the past few years, ELAC has renewed its offer almost completely, and new series and models have proven in numerous tests that they provide a lot for the money invested. But, despite the great sound and harmonious proportions, the more affordable models of the German manufacturer don’t have pronounced aesthetic values.

The new series of Uni-Fi References is determined to change that, bringing, among many other virtues, a visual atmosphere that is up to their tonal qualities.

Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Review

Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf speakers

Construction & Design

After comparing them closely, I noticed that the Uni-Fi Reference speakers and the basic Uni-Fi series only share part of their names and some basic concepts. The UBR62 are three-way bookshelf speakers with a coaxial tweeter and a front-facing bass-reflex port. Everything else about them is either completely new or has been changed so much that the UBR62 feels like a completely independent model.

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Test

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 White/Oak variation

First of all, the cabinets are bigger in every dimension, making the new bookshelves look more capable and impressive. The company says they now use environmentally friendly CARB2 MDF with better interior reinforcements to minimize vibration and improve sound quality. The exterior is finished in a high-quality wood-like vinyl, which has a rough texture to mimic real wood, and the finish is flawless.

The appearance is further enhanced by well-chosen color combinations: the walnut cabinet pairs with a matte black front, while the light oak version comes with a white front. The UBR62 uses a coaxial tweeter specifically designed for this series, featuring a 102mm aluminum midrange diaphragm and a larger coil than the UB52. The new neodymium magnet allows for greater membrane movement and better mid-range control. At the center is a 25mm dome tweeter, protected by a metal mesh, all housed in a cast metal basket designed to reduce reflections and provide clearer sound. The lower front has a new 165mm subwoofer unit with a one-piece aluminum membrane, fully utilizing the surface.

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62

UBR62 masterfully displays everything in fine detail, with a pronounced texture and the physical presence of sound.

The UBR62 features a cast basket and a large vented magnet assembly, which provide improved linearity and better response in the lower range compared to previous Uni-Fi models. At the very bottom of the front, there is a bass-reflex opening in the shape of a horizontal slot with two interior extensions. This opening is quite discreet, especially on the black front model, with the company logo integrated into its lower part.

The back of the UBR62 speakers has a large brushed aluminum panel with two pairs of speaker terminals. These terminals are made of high-quality, brilliantly processed metal and support bi-wire and bi-amp connections. They can handle all types of connections and come with high-quality, massive metal jumpers. Above this panel, there’s a sticker with the manufacturer and model name, serial number, and basic technical features of the speakers.

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Back Side View

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 – terminals connection

ELAC says the UBR62 speakers have a frequency range from 41 hertz to 35 kilohertz, with crossover points at 260 hertz and 1.8 kilohertz. They have a sensitivity of 85 decibels and a nominal impedance of six ohms. This means they need a stronger amplifier to perform their best, so it’s recommended to pair them with amplifiers up to 140 watts per channel

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference 3-Way 6-½” Bookshelf Speakers, Oak or Walnut Speakers for Home Theater and Stereo System, Black Baffle with Walnut Sides
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ELAC Uni-Fi Reference 3-Way 6-½” Bookshelf Speakers, Oak or Walnut Speakers for Home Theater and Stereo System, Black Baffle with Walnut Sides
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  • CONCENTRIC TWEETER DRIVER: By mounting the tweeter at the apex of the mid-range cone, our bookshelf stereo speakers...
  • CAST CHASSIS 6-½” WOOFERS: These bookshelf speakers provide improved stiffness to strengthen the front baffle and...
  • DUAL FLARED SLOT PORT: ELAC's Uni-Fi room theater speakers have a dual flared slot vent which allows for lower port...
  • PREMIUM FINISH: With a painted front baffle and oak or walnut sides, our Uni-Fi Reference bookshelf home speakers add a...

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Sound Test

Like the UB52, the new Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf speaker needs a burn-in period. After a few days of intense listening, the sound will start to balance out, which is typical for the new generation of ELAC speakers.

When I first tested the UBR62 speakers, I used my Exposure 2010s2 integrated amplifier, which I’ve always found pairs well with ELAC speakers. As expected, the sound was excellent. One standout feature of the UBR62 is its ability to elaborate individual tones, displaying all the fine details with a pronounced texture and physical presence in the room. The sound is neutral but comes to life with the vivid presentation and musicality that Andrew Jones is known for, while still retaining serious analytical skills.

Exposure 2010 S2 used to test ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 speakers

I used Exposure 2010s2 to test ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 speakers

The advanced coaxial unit in the UBR62 controls the high and medium range, creating an almost unrealistically good three-dimensional image. While the soundstage width is solid and appropriate for the speaker size, the depth is particularly impressive. Live recordings and quality studio recordings are presented with clear positioning of instruments and vocals, providing an intimate insight into the music. This showcases the speakers’ exceptional microdynamics and their ability to create a very quiet background, which enhances the depiction of subtle details. However, to achieve this, the speakers need a strong and stable amplifier.

In the second part of the test, I replaced my trusty Exposure amplifier with the more powerful NAD C 399, which delivers 180 watts per channel with hybrid digital technology. This extra power was especially noticeable in the reproduction of low tones. The discrepancy between the size of the speakers and the depth of the bass became evident, showcasing the UBR62’s ability to match the best in its class for low-frequency performance. The bass notes were very deep, with a formed body, maintaining a precise display to the limit of audibility. However, the speakers didn’t use this ability excessively but rather used the powerful bass as a background that permeates the entire sound image, integrating it naturally into the overall sound.

During the test, the UBR62 occasionally surprised me with its extremely deep bass, which could be felt in the stomach – something unexpected from a speaker of this size. When I compared the UBR62 directly with the basic Uni-Fi UB52 model, the results were as expected. The UB52 might sound more analytical at first, but this is misleading. The UB52’s bass is drier and shallower, which makes the listener focus more on the midrange and high range. In contrast, the UBR62 provides a more complete reproduction with low tones that complement the rest of the sound image. This results in a music experience that is more complete, richer, and more playful while maintaining the same level of detail and precision.

Video Review


  • Speaker type: 3-way, bass-reflex
  • Tweeter:1-inch soft dome, concentrically mounted
  • Midrange:4-inch aluminum cone
  • Woofer:6.5-inch aluminum cone
  • Crossover frequency:260 / 1,800 Hz
  • Frequency response:41 Hz to 35,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 85 dB at 2.83 v/1m
  • Maximum Power Input:140 Watts
  • Nominal impedance:6 Ω
  • Binding posts: Bi-Wire 5-way custom
  • Cabinet: CARB2 Rated MDF
  • Cabinet finishes: Satin White with Oak Sides or Satin Black with Walnut Sides
  • Port: Dual-Flared Slots
  • Height:14.13″
  • Width:8.19″
  • Depth:13.15″
  • Net Weight:23.54 lbs Each

You can download & view the manual here->ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Manual

Final Verdict

ELAC has once again created affordable speakers that offer exceptional value for money. Although it wasn’t an easy task, the German manufacturer managed to enhance the sound quality compared to the smaller UB52, packing all improvements into nicer and more elegant cabinets. When paired with a high-quality system and a powerful amplifier, the Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 delivers impressive sound and a look that rivals much more expensive speakers.

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