Klipsch the Three II Review

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Here is another speaker review – Klipsch the Three II Review.

Klipsch the Three II Review

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Klipsch The Three II is another product from the “Heritage” series by the American manufacturer. From the functions, it can be assumed that the potential buyer of this speaker will be a young consumer or one who values ​​functionality and ease of use. The appearance of the device and its sound are intended for those who have already dealt with good sound in their lives.

Klipsch the Three II Specifications

  • MAX ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 106dB (0.5M near field)
  • HIGH-FREQUENCY DRIVERS: 2 x 2 1/4” (57.15mm) full-range drivers
  • SUBWOOFER: 5.25” (133.4mm) long-throw woofer, 2 x 5.25” (133.4mm) dual opposed passive radiators
  • POWER: 120W
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45Hz ~20kHz @ -3dB
  • INPUTS: Bluetooth®, 3.5mm miniplug (analog), Phono pre-amp/RCA analog, USB Type B
  • OUTPUTS: none
  • DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): 13.7” (34.82cm) x 7” (17.78cm) x 8” (20.3cm)
  • FINISH OPTIONS: Walnut, Matte Black
  • VOLTAGE: 110/240 VAC
  • WEIGHT: 10.32lbs (4.7kg)
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 3.5mm aux cable, USB Type B to USB Type-A cable, Wireless Remote Control, Power Cord

You can download the manual here->Klipsch the Three II Manual

Klipsch The Three II Review – The Design

When I took The Three out of the box, I immediately felt that this is a serious product. The device is large, heavy, and definitely resembles a high-end center speaker. The workmanship and matching of the elements are exemplary, thanks to which Klipsch The Three II looks impressive and can be liked. The combination of a very elegant wood with a copper control panel and a black knitted grille makes a great impression, strongly referring to the “golden” era of Hi-Fi equipment.

Klipsch the Three II - backside

Klipsch the Three II – backside

The way the device looks from the outside is impressive, but the manufacturer also did not spare it when designing the interior. The speaker is launched with a total power of 60W, and the company consists of two 2.25 “full-range speakers, a 5.25” woofer, and two passive membranes. It is an impressive configuration, especially for housing of this size. The richly arranged interior translates into what we hear. Before that, however, it is worth discussing functionality first, and it is impressive.

The first important point to mention is that the loudspeaker is intended as a stationary device (it does not have a built-in battery). When it comes to Klipsch, a power cord, and a socket, you have to take that into account. With the power of The Three, it simply cannot be said, but it would be nice to dream that it would also be a portable speaker. But this is not possible – either power or portability.

Klipsch the Three II in another color

Simple, functional form

Klipsch the Three II Review – Conectivity

Klipsch the Three II - controls

Klipsch the Three II – controls

    • The built-in Bluetooth module allows you to wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet, which means streaming from music services (Spotify, Tidal, etc.). It is a very convenient solution, we can control the volume and change songs in the blink of an eye.
    • Wi-Fi – The Three uses the so-called DTS Play-Fi system. It is an application that can be downloaded to the phone, and it is used to standardize the network service of the device. It is enough to configure Klipsch with your home network once. It is convenient – every time it is turned on, the device is ready to play music over the network.
Klipsch the Three II connectivity

Klipsch the Three II – connectivity

  • Configuration of the application is easy, and the operation of music playback is child’s play. A huge plus is that DTS Play-Fi has support for almost all streaming platforms, including Tidal and Spotify.
  • Line-in with selection between line and phono mode. In addition to the usual sound source such as a telephone, CD, or DAP player, we can connect a turntable with an MM cartridge – the Triple has a built-in phono preamplifier.
  • Aux – standard 3.5mm jack input, for wired connection of traditional sources.
  • USB Type B – Ability to connect a computer and use Klipsch as a computer speaker. The built-in D/A converter supports files with a density of up to 24bit/192kHz, it can handle the vast majority of our archive.

It is worth mentioning the remote control, which is a standard piece of equipment in The Three. We can use it to turn the device on or off, change the volume, track, and turn on the mute mode. There was also a choice of source, which significantly increases the convenience of use.

Klipsch the Three Remote Control

Klipsch the Three Remote Control

Klipsch The Three II Review – Sound Test

In this case, we are dealing with a device that is not only used to create background music in a room but is also suitable for more critical listening. It is amazing how such a powerful, saturated sound can fit into a device of this size. The sound of Klipsch’s The Three is extraordinary and not obvious. The power and saturation of the sound evoke a good quality system, based on two bookshelf speakers with an amplifier with high current efficiency. Friends who had the opportunity to listen to this device asked the same question: “Where did you hide the subwoofer?” It might seem impossible to get such a bass from a device with relatively small dimensions. Nothing could be more wrong, the bottom end is very large, rich, and purring. Bandwidth control is very good. At the highest volumes, a room of 20m 2 was starting to struggle to cope with such high sound pressure.

Klipsch The Three II


The Three sounds much better if we provide it with a Wi-Fi signal, so it’s worth taking a moment to configure the network connection. The sound diameter is warm and pleasant to listen to. Human voices sound very coherent and natural, and the high detail and outstanding separation only reinforce positive feelings. Of course, a good stereo system will offer us a higher sound culture and stage experience, although it is hard to objectively compare the sound classes of such different audio systems. High tones are slightly brightened and abundant. Klipsch does not withdraw anything, it does not hide or mask anything. It provides everything that we should hear in the upper registers.

With a Bluetooth connection, the sound can be exaggerated, and unpleasantly sharpened, but with Wi-Fi, this problem does not occur.  As a single loudspeaker, it does not create an equally wide soundstage as two loudspeakers do – it is probably obvious. Such beauty in such solutions. The matter of selectivity of sounds is completely different, which is fantastic. Even elaborate musical arrangements using a multitude of instruments sound very clear and selective on Klipsch. All this means that you can successfully listen to large ensembles, such as a symphony orchestra, on this device.

Klipsch The Three II Video Review

Final Verdict

Thanks to the beautiful housing, it could be a piece of furniture, thanks to its form it could be a guitar amplifier, and when turned on, it awakens a unique, musical monster. Klipsch The Three is an all-in-one system for the demanding, both functionally and sonically. The ease of using a variety of sources will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding, and the fantastic sound quality will positively surprise all users. What would a great all-in-one system be without good sound?

Klipsch the Three II Pro & Cons


  • Elegant, classic design, great workmanship
  • High functionality, a multitude of inputs, and ease of use to match a modern device
  • The sound, surprising in many aspects, is able to satisfy even the most demanding user
  • Application and remote control
  • Colors: ebony, walnut
  • A very conscious price, it reflects what we get for it


  • Not portable
  • The loudspeaker does not build a wide soundstage, but is this its disadvantage?
Klipsch The Three II produces high quality sound, especially at nominal volumes. For general use, it’s going to please its listeners with its rich bass, precise treble, and solid dynamics performance.

Does Klipsch Three II have Wi-Fi?

Klipsch the Three II connectivity

Yes, it does. It also has Bluetooth and various wired connectivity.

Does the Klipsch Three II have a battery?

The Klipsch The Three II isn't very portable. It isn't battery-powered and needs to remain plugged into a power source for it to work, so it is difficult to take it outdoors with you.

How many watts is the Klipsch the Three II?

Klipsch the Three II Review

The speaker consists of a 5.25'' long-throw woofer, two 2.25'' full-range drivers, and two 5.25'' passive radiators for enhanced bass. It outputs up to 120W peak to help deliver room-filling sound.

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