Klipsch The Three II Review

by Bruno Brozovic

Klipsch The Three II impressed me with powerful audio, versatile connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and a built-in phono preamp. It offers a rich and immersive listening experience suitable for both casual and critical listening.


Klipsch The Three II is another product from the “Heritage” series by the American manufacturer. From the functions, it can be assumed that the potential buyer of this speaker will be a young consumer or one who values ​​functionality and ease of use. The appearance of the device and its sound are intended for those who have already dealt with good sound in their lives.

Klipsch the Three II Review

Construction & Design

When I took The Three out of the box, I immediately felt this was a serious product. The device is large, heavy, and resembles a high-end center speaker. The workmanship and matching of the elements are exemplary, thanks to which Klipsch The Three II looks impressive and can be liked. The combination of a very elegant wood with a copper control panel and a black knitted grille makes a great impression, strongly referring to the “golden” era of Hi-Fi equipment.

Klipsch the Three II - backside

Klipsch the Three II – backside

I think the speaker looks really cool on the outside. But the company that made it also put a lot of work into the inside parts too. The speaker has a total power of 60W. It has two small 2.25″ speakers that play all sounds, one bigger 5.25″ speaker for low sounds, and two passive parts that help make the sound better. For a speaker this size, having all those parts inside is really impressive.

The many parts inside make the speaker sound great. But before I talk about the sound, I want to mention the speaker can do a lot of cool functions too, which is really impressive.

This speaker is meant to stay in one place and not be moved around. It doesn’t have a battery inside, so it needs to be plugged into a power outlet with the cord it comes with.

When it comes to this speaker made by Klipsch, you have to accept that it can’t be a portable speaker you can take with you. It would be really cool if such a powerful speaker could also run on battery power and be portable. But that’s just not possible – you have to choose if you want a lot of power or if you want it to be portable to carry around.

Klipsch the Three II in another color

Simple, functional form


Klipsch the Three II - controls

Klipsch the Three II – controls

    • The speaker has Bluetooth so I can easily connect it to my phone or tablet. This means I can stream music from apps like Spotify and Tidal right to the speaker wirelessly. It’s a really convenient feature because I can control the volume and skip songs on my device instantly without having to walk over to the speaker.
      Klipsch Heritage Wireless The Three II Tabletop Stereo in Walnut
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      Klipsch Heritage Wireless The Three II Tabletop Stereo in Walnut
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      • True home
    • The speaker has Wi-Fi and uses something called the DTS Play-Fi system. This is an app I can download on my phone to connect the speaker to my home Wi-Fi network. After setting it up with my network one time, it’s really convenient. Every time I turn the speaker on, it will automatically connect to my Wi-Fi and be ready to play music over the network right away. I don’t have to reconnect it each time.

Klipsch the Three II connectivity

Klipsch the Three II – connectivity

  • The DTS Play-Fi app is easy to set up and use to play music. The really great thing is that it supports almost all the popular streaming services like Tidal and Spotify. So playing songs from those apps through the speaker is as simple as using the app menus, which even a child could do easily. This streaming service support is a huge advantage that makes playing my music libraries and playlists super convenient.
    Klipsch The Three II - DTS Play Fi App

  • The speaker has a line-in jack that can switch between line and phono modes. This means I can plug in standard audio sources like phones, CD players, or digital audio players using the line mode. But it also has a really cool feature – I can connect a turntable with an MM cartridge directly to the speaker because it has a built-in phono preamp. So the speaker can take the raw signal right from a vinyl record player and amplify it properly. Having both line-in and phono modes built into one input jack is really convenient.

  • Aux – standard 3.5mm jack input, for wired connection of traditional sources.

  • The speaker has a USB Type B port. This allows me to connect it directly to my computer and use it as a computer speaker. It has a built-in digital-to-analog converter that can handle extremely high-quality audio files, up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution. So I can play any audio file from my computer’s library through this speaker, even the highest quality lossless files. The USB input with its powerful DAC makes the speaker really versatile for use with a PC or laptop.

The speaker comes with a handy remote control which is a really nice included accessory.

With the remote, I can power the speaker on and off, adjust the volume, skip tracks, and even mute the sound – all from across the room. The remote also lets me easily switch between the different input sources like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, etc.

Having this dedicated remote makes using all of the speaker’s features and inputs so much more convenient than having to walk over and touch the speaker controls every time. The included remote is definitely a great added benefit that increases the overall user-friendly experience.

Klipsch the Three Remote Control

Klipsch the Three Remote Control

Klipsch The Three II Sound Test

This speaker is great for much more than just background music – it’s suitable for really critical, focused listening too. The sound quality is extraordinary, especially considering how powerful and full it sounds coming from such a compact-sized speaker.

The Klipsch The Three produces audio that you’d expect from a high-end stereo system with separate bookshelf speakers and a powerful amp. In fact, friends who heard it were amazed, asking “Where did you hide the subwoofer?!” Because the bass is so deep, rich, and rumbling it seems impossible for a speaker this small.

But it’s not just the subwoofer-like low end that impresses. The Three has excellent overall sound control across all frequencies. It can get extremely loud too – in a 20 square meter room it was pushing the limits of how much volume the space could handle before distortion.

So while very compact, the Klipsch Three delivers a truly full-range, enveloping sound quality that makes it fantastic for critical music listening sessions, not just casual background audio. The sound is big, loud, and incredibly immersive for the speaker’s size.

Klipsch The Three II Sound Test

The speaker sounds its best when using the Wi-Fi connection, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to get that network setup configured properly.

Once on Wi-Fi, the overall sound profile is warm and incredibly pleasant to listen to. Vocals in particular sound remarkably coherent and natural. And the level of detail retrieval and instrument separation is outstanding, adding to the immersive experience.

While a dedicated stereo system would provide an even higher level of sonic refinement and soundstage, it’s tough to make an apples-to-apples comparison between such different product categories.

As for the highs, the Three’s treble is slightly forward and pronounced in a lively way. Klipsch doesn’t hold anything back – it delivers all the high-frequency energy and air that should be present without any masking or restraint.

So in summary, for a compact all-in-one speaker, the Klipsch Three sounds wonderfully full, balanced and hi-fi quality when streaming over Wi-Fi, especially for vocals and instrumental timbre. The rich but clear presentation makes it an absolute joy for critical listening.

Using a Bluetooth connection, the sound can become a bit exaggerated and overly bright in an unpleasant way. But when streaming over Wi-Fi, this sharpness issue goes away completely.

And as an all-in-one single speaker, it understandably can’t produce as wide and enveloping of a soundstage as a traditional two-speaker stereo setup. That said, the imaging and instrument separation it does achieve is fantastic for a single unit.

Even with complex arrangements featuring numerous interweaving instruments, the Klipsch maintains remarkable clarity. It does an exceptional job of keeping each sound source distinct and easily discernible within the mix.

This superb separation allows you to successfully listen to and appreciate large ensembles like a full symphony orchestra over a single Three-speaker. Despite being just one cabinet, the quality of its multi-channel rendering is shockingly good.

So in summary, for focused music listening, WiFi streaming provides the optimal, natural tonal balance. And the Three’s imaging abilities transcend what you’d expect from a single speaker, unlocking an immersive multi-channel experience.

Klipsch The Three II Video Review

Klipsch the Three II Specifications

  • MAX ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 106dB (0.5M near field)
  • HIGH-FREQUENCY DRIVERS: 2 x 2 1/4” (57.15mm) full-range drivers
  • SUBWOOFER: 5.25” (133.4mm) long-throw woofer, 2 x 5.25” (133.4mm) dual opposed passive radiators
  • POWER: 120W
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45Hz ~20kHz @ -3dB
  • INPUTS: Bluetooth®, 3.5mm miniplug (analog), Phono pre-amp/RCA analog, USB Type B
  • OUTPUTS: none
  • DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): 13.7” (34.82cm) x 7” (17.78cm) x 8” (20.3cm)
  • FINISH OPTIONS: Walnut, Matte Black
  • VOLTAGE: 110/240 VAC
  • WEIGHT: 10.32lbs (4.7kg)
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 3.5mm aux cable, USB Type B to USB Type-A cable, Wireless Remote Control, Power Cord

You can download & view the manual here->Klipsch the Three II Manual

Final Verdict

Thanks to the beautiful housing, it could be a piece of furniture, thanks to its form it could be a guitar amplifier, and when turned on, it awakens a unique, musical monster. Klipsch The Three is an all-in-one system for the demanding, both functionally and sonically. The ease of using a variety of sources will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding, and the fantastic sound quality will positively surprise all users. What would a great all-in-one system be without good sound?

Does Klipsch Three II have Wi-Fi?

Klipsch the Three II connectivity

Yes, it does. It also has Bluetooth and various wired connectivity.

Does the Klipsch Three II have a battery?

The Klipsch The Three II isn't very portable. It isn't battery-powered and needs to remain plugged into a power source for it to work, so it is difficult to take it outdoors with you.

How many watts is the Klipsch the Three II?

Klipsch the Three II Review

The speaker consists of a 5.25'' long-throw woofer, two 2.25'' full-range drivers, and two 5.25'' passive radiators for enhanced bass. It outputs up to 120W peak to help deliver room-filling sound.

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