Triangle Borea BR03 Review

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Today you can read a new text containing the Triangle Borea BR03 review. These bookshelf speakers bring several interesting solutions at a very attractive price.

Triangle Borea BR03 Review

Triangle Borea BR03 Review

As one of the manufacturers with a wide range of speakers, Triangle really offers something for everyone – from the very affordable Borea series to the prestigious Magellan Grand Concert model. Although expensive models represent the carriers of technological development and raise the company’s reputation, the real struggle actually takes place in lower categories, which are sold in much larger quantities and form the company’s mainstay in financial terms. Failures in construction and workmanship can be costly for even the most successful companies, so affordable models must be able to cope with the many competitors. Because of that, here we have very affordable bookshelf speakers – Triangle Borea BR03.

Build Quality

As the second-largest model in the initial Bore series, the BR03 are medium-sized bookshelf speakers. The manufacturer states that it is designed for rooms of 15 to 30 square meters, which makes it ideal for accommodation in the average living room, as most of us have. The design is basically quite simple and the BR03 can be said to represent the archetype of a small speaker, with regular lines and flat cabinet surfaces. However, its appearance is enriched with perfectly measured proportions and tastefully blended details, and the quality of the finish will beautify any ambiance. In addition to modern black and white, Triangle offers BR03 in a classic finish of walnut and light oak, which are further embellished by fitting with a dark and light front, respectively, and represent true modern classics.

The separation of channels, but also of individual tones, far exceeds the price class to which these speakers belong.

The speakers are made in a two-system topology, which implies the presence of a tweeter and mid-bass unit on the front panel. The tweeter on the BR08 model is a modern unit made of EFS (Efficient Flow System) technology, which improves cooling and contributes to the stable operation of the driver during heavy loads. It is equipped with a 25 mm diameter calotte membrane, which is made of silk and provided with striking silver shields, while a neodymium magnet was used to move it. Beneath the tweeter is a mid-bass unit, purpose-built for the Borea series and framed by a thin chrome ring, which fits perfectly with the tweeter protection. The mid-bass membrane has a diameter of 160 millimeters and is made of natural cellulose paper, without any subsequent treatment of the outer surface. It is made in a striking white color, while in the center is an aerodynamically shaped dust cover. However, unlike the short-stroke suspension on the three-system model BR08, the membrane, in this case, was allowed a slightly larger excursion so that the bass range was displayed in an appropriate way. Finally, there are two smaller bass-reflex ports in the lower corners of the front panel, which will allow these speakers, at least in theory, to work smoothly and perform well in tight environments and ungrateful positions.

Triangle Borea BR03 Walnut


Due to the placement of the bass reflex on the front, the back contains only a high-gloss black panel with connectors in the lower part. The speaker terminals are of surprisingly good quality for this price range, made entirely of metal and firmly installed, and accept all types of connections. The panel also contains the manufacturer and model label, as well as the most basic technical features of the speakers. In this regard, the manufacturer states that BR03 should be paired with amplifiers up to 100 watts per channel, as well as that the frequency range ranges from 46 hertz to 22 kilohertz. The sensitivity is 90 decibels and the nominal impedance is 8 ohms and drops to a low of 4.2 ohms, which means that these speakers are not difficult to start and do not represent a large load for amplification. Finally, Triangle does not specify special details related to the crossover, except that the cutting frequency is set at 3.6 kilohertz. There is no information about the construction of the cabinet, such as wall thickness, additional reinforcements, and internal insulation.

Triangle Borea BR03 Specifications

Number of drivers 2
Number of ways 2
Sensitivity 90 dB/W/m
Frequency range 46 Hz – 22 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
Power handling 100 W
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
Minimum impedance 4.2 Ω
High-frequency roll-off 3600 Hz
Dimensions (inch) 8.11 x 14.96 x 12.36
Weight 13.22 lbs

You can download the manual here -> Triangle Borea BR03 User Manual

Triangle Borea BR03 Sound Test

As medium-sized bookshelf speakers with bass-reflex ports on the front, the Borea BR03 will allow placement quite close to the rear wall – 30 centimeters will be enough for optimal quality. The distance from the side walls is also not crucial, and the tested speakers will feel quite good even about half a meter from them. This only confirms the manufacturer’s claims that these speakers are intended for smaller and medium rooms. As always, for best positioning results, you need to place it in the triangle. I used them at a distance of about two and a half meters, with a slight toe-in to the listening position.

Triangle Borea BR03 speakers have some recognizable features, primarily in the form of pronounced musicality and an enthusiastic, almost cheerful approach to every musical direction. The overall color is slightly warmer, just enough to spice up the generally neutral tones, which are most noticeable in the upper and middle range. Treble is responsible for creating a sufficiently wide and deep stage. Although, miracles should not be expected in this regard. I think it’s great that BR03 has depth positioning at all. During playback, the upper range is slightly emphasized, which is further emphasized by the absence of the deepest bass, so it is necessary to get used to the somewhat changed balance in the display.


Triangle Borea BR03 Side View

However, BR03 redeems itself with excellently presented high tones, which are clear and present in the space, and even penetrating when needed, but French experts have managed to keep them in the zone of pleasant sound at all times. Therefore, this balance between the bands is not something that will be particularly bothersome in the long run. After all, if you insist on the deepest bass, then a few bookshelf speakers will be to your liking.

Triangle Borea BR03 Rear View

Triangle Borea BR03 Rear View

The middle range is presented in a sophisticated manner and abounds in details, but it also creates a very striking ambient display and perfectly evokes the atmosphere of the musical work. I was completely convinced of this with the album “Aqua” by the German electronics pioneer Edgar Froese. Triangle Borea BR03 showed us various sound effects without difficulty, such as moving tones through space or setting notes according to a clearly defined hierarchy. The separation of channels, as well as individual tones, far exceeds the price class to which these speakers belong. The musicality of these speakers is supported by the liquid sound and finesse, which are quite audible and located in the background. Their presentation always retains a feature that I would most closely describe as playful sophistication – whether it is electronics, club jazz, or stadium rock.

So far we can conclude the lower part of the spectrum is the weakest point of these speakers, but this is not quite true. Deeper bass is present, but it is withdrawn and almost shy, so BR03 reminded me of the Epos M12i. Also, the speakers improved the sound after a few hours of listening which is noticeable in the deeper bass. The overall balance also improved. The conclusion is – to let them play for several hours before any testing. On the other hand, like the more expensive models from the same company, the BR03 showed great upper bass really well. Agility and rhythmicity are at an exceptional level, which confirms the intention of the manufacturer to, when he can’t get a really deep bass of good quality out of this size, focus on what is feasible. The fast percussion transitions are shown without objection, whether it is electronics or a live instrument, and the texture and expressiveness of the tones clearly show the differences in the instruments. So for BR03, it can be said with certainty that, as deep as they go, they are doing a really remarkable job.

Triangle Borea BR03 Video Review

Triangle Borea BR03 Review – Final Verdict

Easy to position, easy to start, musical, and sophisticated – what more could you want from rack speakers that cost less than 500 dollars? In the best tradition of the manufacturer, Triangle Borea BR03 is completely dedicated to good sound and music. The designers have managed to make even an inconspicuous finish and simple shape more attractive, thanks to white membranes in a retro style. The Triangle company has definitely chosen the right path, which is perhaps easiest to hear in the lower series, and the Borea BR03 is a quality and affordable ticket to the hi-fi universe.

Triangle Borea BR03 Pro & Cons


  • Detailed, sophisticated sound
  • Agile, high-quality bass
  • Outstanding sense of scale
  • Easy to drive
  • Well-designed and appealing


  • Slight peakiness in treble
  • Design won’t please everybody
  • Should be partnered with caution
Triangle Borea BR03 are completely dedicated to good sound and music - an affordable ticket to the hi-fi universe.

Are Triangle Borea BR03 speakers any good?

Triangle Borea BR03 Review and Sound Test

The Triangle Borea BR03 delivers a huge sense of scale, much larger than rivals such as the formidable B&W 607s. They can also boast impressive separation and precision. There's detail and insight across the frequency range and, given their size, the quantity of bass is perfectly acceptable.

Where are Triangle Borea speakers made?

For 40 years, TRIANGLE is a team of passionate technicians who develop, design and assemble high fidelity speakers, Made in France.

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